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Be Prepared for the Next Power Outage with a Standby Generator


Extreme weather is something that can't be controlled or even completely predicted. Unfortunately, major storms frequently cause power outages that can last for days or even longer. That's why more and more homeowners are choosing to protect themselves from power outages with permanent standby generator installation. When severe storms take down the power lines, be prepared with Logan Home Energy Services. We offer Winston-Salem generator installation to provide backup electrical power and keep your home operational no matter what.

If you're interested in getting a permanent solution to protect your Winston-Salem home from power outages, call the generator installation pros at Logan Home Energy Services at (336) 203-7630, or click here to request a free estimate!

How Do Permanent Home Generators Work?

Our current generator models come with better quality, durability, and protection than portable generators. Your permanent home generator will be located outdoors and protected by a steel case. These systems are designed to turn on automatically if utility-supplied power is interrupted, so when we install a standby generator in your Winston-Salem home, you will have total peace of mind knowing that your electrical equipment will work every time you need it without any hassle. And with free in-home consultations available to any homeowner who wants one, there’s no reason not to contact Logan Home Energy Services to learn more about our generators today!

Benefits of Permanent Standby Generators in Central NC

Many people have felt the frustration of losing power for several days and being forced to throw away food or deal with not having hot water. When more severe storms knock out power for a week or two, some people are even forced to temporarily leave their Central North Carolina homes. A permanent generator from Logan Home Energy Services can make those problems a thing of the past.

Our Winston-Salem Home Generator Services Include:

  • Complete Turnkey Whole-House Generator Installations
  • Propane Generator Installations
  • Natural Gas Generator Installations
  • Free Estimates for All Home Generator Installations

With a properly sized home generator, you won't need to empty your refrigerator or move into a hotel. There will be no need to call up friends if you need to take showers, wash clothes, or enjoy the comfort of a heated or air-conditioned living space. When the grid goes down, a home generator comes to the rescue with backup electrical power automatically, so you never have to worry about turning anything on.

Automated Options Available


Our generators also offer the option for Mobile Link control, allowing you to run your unit remotely from anywhere. Gone are the days of hoping you have enough gas to keep your portable generator running. Get complete peace of mind through the ability to keep your generator working with the push of a button, courtesy of our electrical experts at Logan Home Energy Services.

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Why Standby Generators Over Portable Generators?

At Logan Home Energy Services, we know firsthand that permanent standby generators are a significantly better option for homeowners than portable models.

Cons of Portable Generators :

  • Can pose safety hazards if they're not set up or operated correctly.
  • They don’t provide the automatic assurance you get with a whole-home standby generator.
  • You have to pick and choose what's worth turning on and for how long, and that only lasts until you run out of gas.

Pros of Standby Generators:

  • Permanent standby generators will be located in a secure location and have built-in controls to ensure safe operation under all conditions.
  • Special circuitry is installed between the generator and your main electrical service panel to allocate standby electrical power to different circuits.
  • Natural gas and propane are the preferred fuels for permanent home generators, both of which offer energy-efficient operation.

With industry-leading rebates and warranties, our Winston-Salem generator installation experts make it easy to get a good deal on a cutting-edge whole-home generator.

Get a Quality Generac Generator in Winston-Salem

Generac has nearly 60 years of experience providing home electrical solutions including backup generators. Generac was the first company to engineer affordable home standby generators, and they remain the number-one name in home backup generators today. At Logan Home Energy Services, we are proud to offer Generac generator installation in Winston-Salem and across Central North Carolina.

Our Generac Generator Options Include:

  • Generac QuietSource Series Generators: The QuietSource Series is engineered to run at a substantially low RPM for discreetness and reduced fuel consumption. The liquid-cooled engine in this generator ensures a powerful performance designed to sustain you through a storm or power outage.
  • Generac Guardian Series Generators: Guardian Series generators are not only equipped to automatically start up within seconds of power loss, but also automatically turn off with the return of utility power. They are also designed to run at a lower RPM to ensure quiet appliance operation with little disturbance.

Make sure you have power when you need it most and that your home is protected at all times by calling Logan Home Energy Services in Winston-Salem and Mooresville to learn more about our Generac generators today.

Locations Across North Carolina

Logan Home Energy Solutions can help customers throughout North Carolina within an expansive service territory. Find a location near you and contact us today.

“Several weeks ago our AC unit stopped working and the Logan rep, Anthony, came out to fix it. He was beyond awesome!!!”

Get Comfort & Security with an Expertly-Installed Whole-House Generator


Severe weather is something that is unavoidable. It could be something as common as a thunderstorm taking out the power lines, or it could be something much more damaging. The fact of the matter is that with today’s climate, and increasing pressure on the grid, outages are going to be a reality no matter what. But no matter what happens, be prepared for your next power outage with a new generator from Logan Home Energy Services.

Since 1952, our company has been going above and beyond to deliver complete customer satisfaction, which is why we continue to have a great reputation among local homeowners. We’ve also been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 1972, so you can bet all our services live up to the highest standards. Our Winston-Salem electricians believe in providing affordable services to everyone.  We offer a number of specials and financing options. And with 24/7 emergency repairs, you truly can count on Logan Home Energy Services to always be there for you.

Call (336) 203-7630 today to request generator installation in Winston-Salem from Logan Home Energy Services.

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