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If you have ever searched, "best home electrical repair" at Logan Home Energy Services, we know that no one likes having their power go out all the time, or dealing with appliances that are constantly short-circuiting. If this sounds like something you are dealing with in your home, make sure to contact our experienced electricians at Logan Home Energy Services. We proudly offer Winston-Salem electrical repairs for residential and commercial properties. Since 1952, our team has been going above and beyond to make sure this community receives the very best when it comes to home services. Our electricians are highly trained and experienced in order to get the job done right, in addition to being equipped with all the latest tools and technology on the market. We arrive at every job on-time, ready to provide you with upfront estimates. Plus with complimentary, in-person consultations, there’s never a bad reason to contact our Winston Salem electrical repair pros at Logan Home Energy Services.

Protect Your Home and Family with Electrical Safety Inspections

Regular electrical maintenance is crucial for the safety and well-being of your home and family. Electrical hazards can pose serious risks, including electrical shocks, fires, and damage to your valuable appliances and electronics. By scheduling regular electrical safety inspections with Logan Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC, you can identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Benefits of electrical safety inspections include:

  • Early detection of faulty wiring or outdated electrical systems
  • Prevention of electrical fires and potential damage to your home
  • Identification of overloaded circuits or faulty outlets
  • Enhanced electrical system performance and efficiency
  • Peace of mind knowing that your electrical system is up to code and safe

For more information on electrical repairs in Central NC, contact us online or call (336) 203-7630.

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When Do I Need an Electrical Repair?

Electrical work is not like other home services. While you might be able to get away with the DIY approach for certain property repairs, going the amateur route when it comes to your electrical system is not only unsafe, it’s likely to make your problem worse in the long run. That’s why for the sake of your entire household or business, you should always call a professional like our experts at Logan Home Energy Services if you are in need of a repair. Our Winston-Salem electricians know how to quickly troubleshoot a range of issues, so you get fast, efficient service no matter what. Our goal is to get your system up and running again ASAP, as no modern property should have to go without power for long. And with upgrades to ensure your home or business is completely up-to-code, you’ll never have to worry about electrical safety when you hire the pros at Logan Home Energy Services.

Top reasons to call us for electrical repairs in Winston-Salem include:

  • Your lights continue to flicker even after the bulbs have been replaced - 
    If you notice that your home's lighting seems to be flickering for no reason, it could be that the wiring in your home is faulty or is in need of replacement.
  • Your outlets or switches are emitting a burning smell - 
    A burning smell in your home is never a good sign, let alone the smell of something burning from behind your home's walls. This smell could be the wiring behind your home's walls starting to arc and spark. If this problem isn't addressed quickly, it could result in an electrical fire.
  • Your circuit breaker keeps on tripping - 
    If your circuit breaker tends to trip frequently, it could be that too many appliances are running at once and it's too much for your circuit to handle. It could also be a more serious problem with your home's electrical system. Contact us today and we can help you figure out what the issue is.

Hire a Winston-Salem Emergency Electrician

One of the ways Logan Home Energy Services goes above and beyond for those we serve is by offering emergency electrical services in Winston-Salem 24/7. Again, your safety is paramount when it comes to dealing with electrical equipment, which is why if you ever see signs of sparking or burning coming from your electrical appliances, it is better to call an electrician sooner rather than later. The worst thing you could do would be to try to take care of the problem itself, but even waiting to address an emergency electrical issue could have devastating consequences for your property.

Calling our Winston-Salem emergency electrical repair team helps prevent the possibility of:

  • Sparking
  • Shocks
  • Fires
  • Electrocutions

Because Logan Home Energy Services is available nights and weekends, you’ll never have to be concerned about your electrical system, as long as you’ve got our emergency electricians on your side. To prevent the chance of an emergency situation happening altogether, consider calling for an electrical inspection today. Our Winston-Salem electrical team can help guarantee older homes’ electrical systems are safe and ensure that businesses are completely up-to-code in terms of electrical equipment and usage.

Locations Across North Carolina

Logan Home Energy Solutions can help customers throughout North Carolina within an expansive service territory. Find a location near you and contact us today.

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At Logan Home Energy Services, we have a reputation for raising the bar when it comes to electrical repair and service. Our electrical experts are known across Central North Carolina for going the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied. As a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, you know you can count on our work to live up to the highest standards. And with various financing options as well as specials, not to mention money-saving rebates and warranties, you’ll always get a great deal when you hire Logan Home Energy Services.

Logan Home Energy Services is available by phone at (336) 203-7630, or you can contact our Winston-Salem electrical repair team online.

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