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Many Winston-Salem residents are choosing a high-efficiency furnace for comfort and savings. Are you concerned that your furnace is performing sub-optimally? While it may seem like a hassle at first, replacing your furnace might be the right thing to do to improve your home overall. A new, high-efficiency furnace will keep your home comfortable while helping reduce your energy consumption and high energy bills.

Ditch your old furnace when:

  • Its AFUE (annual fuel use efficiency) is less than 75 percent.
  • You plan to live in your home for more time than the life expectancy of your furnace.
  • You’ve upgraded your home’s insulation and sealed air leaks.
  • Repair bills on the old unit have become more frequent.
  • You’d like to add on to your home or add central air conditioning.

Ask Logan Home Energy Services to help you decide when it's time to make the switch - it may make sense sooner than you would think. Even if your current system has not totally failed, an existing furnace as little as 10 or 15 years old may be a candidate for replacement.

Getting started on a furnace replacement project will provide you with immediate benefits. If you would like to schedule a free estimate for furnace installation, contact us at (336) 203-7630 today!

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How High-Efficiency Furnaces Achieve High AFUEs

High-efficiency furnaces have two heat exchangers. The primary heat exchanger extracts heat from the fuel-combustion chamber. A second heat exchanger extracts useful heat from flue gasses before they are vented to the outside. In addition, high-efficiency furnaces can vary both heat output at the burner and warm-air delivery speed by the blower.

No longer will you have to suffer the discomfort of your rooms being either too cool while you’re waiting for the temperature to drop low enough to trigger the thermostat, or too warm while the burner and blower are running at full capacity. By automatically being able to adjust furnace output and blower speed to meet demand, optimum efficiencies can be achieved.

As a bonus, high-efficiency blower motors use about 65 percent less electricity than their conventional counterparts. Set on low, they may be used to move air through filters all year long, improving the quality of your indoor air.

Special Furnace Installation Requirements

High-efficiency furnaces have 2 unique installation requirements:

  • The first is fan-assisted venting through a non-corrosive flue. Flue gases are typically vented through an exterior wall via a plastic vent pipe. Or, they may be vented through the roof or an unused chimney if a chimney liner is installed.
  • The second is a condensate pump to remove the slightly acidic liquid that has condensed in the secondary heat exchanger, usually to a floor drain.

High-efficiency furnaces do not require outside air for combustion, but it’s a good idea. Piping in combustion air (often done in a double-wall pipe that serves as a flue as well) will reduce the amount of outside air leaking into your home – and reduce your energy bills as well.

Locations Across North Carolina

Logan Home Energy Solutions can help customers throughout North Carolina within an expansive service territory. Find a location near you and contact us today.

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Ultimately, a new furnace will provide you with many benefits and a return on your investment. If you're not sure what the right course of action is for your home, our specialists will recommend what we think is best for your home.

Contact us today by calling (336) 203-7630 We offer all our clients energy rebates and warranties for their equipment. 

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