What Are the Benefits of Using a NATE Certified Technician?

What Is NATE?

NATE is a non-profit organization and is the largest of its kind. It’s an independent, third-party HVAC certification organization that tests technicians on the skills needed in their field.

Being NATE certified means the technician has passed specialized tests in specific areas, such as air conditioning, heat pumps, gas and oil furnaces, refrigeration, and air distribution. When technicians pass one of these tests, they prove their knowledge and hands-on abilities at installing, maintaining, and repairing the equipment that falls within these categories.

It’s important to understand that NATE certifies HVAC technicians, but it doesn’t supervise or employ them. It’s up to individual HVAC contractors to seek them out. Many contractors only hire NATE-certified technicians because they understand that consumers tend to have a more positive experience with them.

Benefits of Using a NATE Certified Technician

Is there really a difference between hiring any old technician and using one with NATE certification? When it comes to choosing a contractor, the company’s reputation is the factor most people consider first. The second factor is whether the company hires NATE-certified technicians. There’s a reason for this, and it comes down to the many benefits of using a NATE-certified technician.

  • Certified installation – When you invest in a new furnace or air conditioner, you want to get the most from your upgrade. A poor installation can reduce efficiency by up to 30 percent, so it’s imperative that you carefully select the technician who installs your system. NATE certified technicians are capable of performing spot-on installations that help the equipment operate at its specified efficiency rating. In an industry where any little mistake can lead to impaired efficiency, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a certified installation.
  • Thorough maintenance – There’s a lot more to annual preventative maintenance than simply changing the air filter. One of the benefits of using a NATE certified technician is that you get a thorough tune-up every time. This helps you avoid repairs in the future and increase system efficiency, among other benefits.
  • Fast, efficient repairs – NATE certified technicians are familiar with the various problems that can plague HVAC equipment. They can quickly diagnose and repair problems with very few delays. This gets your system back up and running quickly so you’re not left with an unconditioned home for long.
  • Lower utility bills – Who doesn’t want to save on heating and cooling costs? Proper installation, maintenance, and repair work lead to this benefit, which can save you significantly every year and help your investment pay for itself faster.
  • Fewer callbacks – You want the job done right the first time around. Thanks to their superior knowledge, NATE certified technicians complete callback-free work 74 percent of the time compared to 68 percent for non-certified techs. This means less time, hassle and money, and immediate satisfaction in a job well done.
  • System longevity – Annual maintenance performed by a NATE certified technician keeps the conditions in your home ideal for efficient operation. When your equipment performs under ideal circumstances, it lasts years longer, saving you money now and in the long run.
  • Increased home comfort – When installed correctly, your equipment is balanced to deliver air in a precise manner. This increases home comfort by keeping each room closer to the target temperature. Humidity control is another big part of home comfort, a capability that equipment tends to perform better when installed by a NATE certified technician.
  • Access to advice and knowledge – Have a question about saving on your utility bills? Want to know the best type of filter to use? A NATE certified technician is knowledgeable and ready to answer all your HVAC-related questions on the spot. Advice about your specific home heating and cooling system can save you even more and increase home comfort to ideal levels.
  • Greater peace of mind – You want to feel confident that your equipment is performing safely. The chances of carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or an explosion are drastically reduced when the equipment is installed by the practiced hands of a NATE certified technician.

These are just a few benefits of using a NATE certified technician. To learn more, please contact Logan Home Energy Services. We’ve proudly served Winston-Salem residents for over 60 years.

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