How Do I Know If My Home Needs New or Better Insulation?

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Despite having such a huge impact on temperature and energy bills, insulation is something people tend to overlook in their homes. Below we’ll provide a simple explanation of what insulation does for a home, where homes should have insulation, and how you can tell if your home is under-insulated.


Simply put, insulation helps control where heat goes. During cold weather, insulation helps keep heat inside your home so that you can stay cozy and warm. During hot weather, insulation blocks heat from entering your home from outside so that you can stay cool.

If your home is “under-insulated,” then heat is going to move wherever there is less heat. Typically, this will be somewhere you don’t want heat to go, like outside during winter, or inside during summer.

If your home has adequate insulation, then your home will have better temperature control and will be more comfortable. Additionally, you won’t have to use your heating and cooling system as often, which saves both energy and money.


According to the Department of Energy, a home should have some type of insulation in these areas:

  • Unfinished spaces in your home, such as the attic
  • In finished attics with or without a dormer
  • Floors above cold spaces (like a crawlspace)
  • All exterior walls
  • Band joists

Doors and windows should also be air-sealed.


If your home is missing insulation, or if your current insulation is inadequate, then you may experience the following issues:

1. Uneven Temperatures

Are some rooms much hotter or colder than others, especially those underneath your home’s attic or above the crawl space? If so, you may need improved insulation.

2. Ceiling, Walls, and Floors That Feel Cold and Clammy

These areas of your home should feel dry and relatively warm during cold weather. If your walls, ceiling, and floor feel cold or damp, then the space could use more insulation.

3. Astronomical Energy Bills

Are your heating and cooling costs through the roof even after getting annual tune-ups for your HVAC equipment? A lack of insulation could be causing your system to run more than necessary.

4. Huge Temperature Fluctuations

Do outdoor temperatures have a significant impact on your home’s indoor temperature? It’s likely that there’s too little insulation in place to block the movement of heat in and out of your home.

Attic and Crawlspace Insulation in Winston-Salem

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