Electrical Safety Tips for Winter and the Holiday Season

man hanging up christmas lights on house

The holiday season is finally here, and with your new gifts in hand, you might be rushing to an outlet to charge up that new phone or plug in your new console. Although we can all have fun during this joyous time of year, be careful to avoid the common electrical safety mistakes many people make during the holidays.

Here are just some of the ways you can avoid an electrical hazard this season and spend more time having fun with your family instead of trying to salvage your home from a fire.

Outlet Usage

Danger: ‘tis the season for overloaded outlets! It’s easy to overload an outlet by plugging too many devices into it at once, causing it to draw more power through the circuit than what’s safe. We have repeatedly seen families attempt to plug their Christmas lights, TV, home media devices, and phone chargers all into one outlet using various power strips, outlet adapters, and extension cords.

This type of outlet abuse can easily lead to a tripped circuit breaker—or worse. By overloading the outlet, you could damage the devices plugged into it or start an electrical fire.

Extension Cord Safety

We all know how valuable an extension cord can be when the cord to your Christmas lights is just a few inches shy of the nearest outlet. However, you should always avoid plugging multiple extension cords into each other (daisy-chaining). By daisy-chaining extension cords, you may create an electrical hazard that could lead to a fire.

Additionally, take the time to inspect your extension cord for any exposed wiring or any noticeable damage to the plug or cable insulation. Visible wires increase the risk of fires and electrocution. Also, when using extension cords outside, be sure they’re rated for outdoor use.

Holiday Lights

Decorating your home and Christmas tree is a fun family activity, and it’s a beautiful sight when all the decorations come together. Just make sure that any electrical decorations you use in your yard or on your home’s exterior are rated for outdoor usage. This typically means that they’ll be able to withstand direct sunlight and more extreme temperatures. Their ability to stand up to snow and rain may vary, so check the packaging carefully!

At Logan Home Energy Services we have years of experience dealing with electrical problems, so when you call us at (336) 203-7630, rest assured your home is getting the best care it can!

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