Duct Sealing Improves Heating Efficiency

Why Seal Those Ducts?

Ignoring a duct leakage is akin to letting money fly out of an open window. Not only will you have trouble keeping your home comfortable, but you’ll also spend more money in the process. Without proper duct sealing, you’ll end up with higher utility costs. And since HVAC systems have to work harder to overcome duct leaks, steeper repair bills may also be in the cards.

Seal It Up

Taking a proactive approach to duct sealing can help you save time and money. Because ducts often run in hard-to-access places, start off with those areas that are in easy reach. Use mastic sealant or metal tape to seal up gaps and tears in the ductwork and duct joints. Forget about using “duct tape,” since it doesn’t adhere over the long term.

Let a Professional Handle It

With professional duct sealing done by a seasoned contractor, you’ll rest easier knowing that the job was done right from the start. A seasoned pro will start by inspecting the entire duct system (even the places you might have found impossible to access on your own) and then evaluate the system’s supply air/return air balance and finish up by sealing all leaks and connections with the appropriate metal screws, tape and/or sealant. Your contractor may also recommend and perform other corrective repairs, including the replacement of damaged or undersized ducts.

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