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Furnace Replacement in Winston Salem, NC

This is a furnace replacement we completed in Winston-Salem. The old unit only had an 80% efficiency rating. The new Carrier Furnace we installed has a 96.5% AFUE heating efficiency. This productivity is achieved through the system running in low stage up to 90% of the time. By running in the low stage, this furnace also has greater temperature control, produces less noise and enhances comfort. The Carrier Furnace also has SmartEvap technology that partners with the cooling unit in this home to help with dehumidifcation during the summer. 

Carrier Air Conditioning Unit Install in Winston Salem, NC

During this residential service, we removed an old outdoor unit and replaced it with a new Carrier High Efficiency System that offers long-term energy savings. This unit comes with a compressor sound blanket for sound reduction, as well as high/low pressure switches that provide system protection. The Carrier AC system also has a filter drier system that collects moisture and contaminants which leads to cleaner air in the home.

Heating and Air Conditioning System Replacement in Winston-Salem, NC

These old units were leading to high utility bills and expensive repairs, so these customers were seeking a system replacement. 

We replaced the heat pump with a new Carrier unit that has excellent humidity and temperature control. The new system has a two stage compressor operation that brings superior comfort, quietly. This heating unit will help save on heating costs as it has a 9.5 HSPF heating efficiency.

We also installed a Carrier AC unit which has a filter drier system that traps moisture and contaminants in order to achieve cleaner air in the home. It's complete with WeatherArmor protection that ensures the durability of the unit so it can look its best for years. This Carrier Air Conditioning Unit also has non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant that is environmentally sound.

Oil to Gas Furnace Replacement in Winston Salem, NC

Here we removed an old oil furnace and replaced it with a Goodman High Efficiency Gas Furnace. While gas furnaces are typically more expensive products, they're usually better systems with a higher efficiency rating than oil furnaces - so they save money over time!

This Goodman furnace has high reliability and quality. It provides superior comfort by gradually adjusting airflow according to temperature demands. This new unit also has fast condensate water drainage.


Insulation Replacement in Winston-Salem, NC

BEFORE: This was an under-insulated attic that was causing energy inefficientices for the home. You can see here that the insulation was sparsly disributed and therefore not producing optimium results. 


AFTER: We completley removed all of the old insulation and replaced it with a sufficient amount of brand new blown in insulation. The new insulation will allow this home to reduce energy bills by up to 10%! 

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